Carl Washburn, MBA Eli Lilly and Company

Carl Washburn, MBA

Carl Washburn, MBA Eli Lilly and Company

Carl is emoployed by Eli Lilly and Company where he works in Digital Quality where he developed Lilly’s procedures for Design Control for medical device software. Carl is the Chairman of the Lilly governance team providing design control oversight for medical device software.

Prior to joining Lilly, Carl worked at Johnson & Johnson leading mobile application development managing medication adherence, launched on iOS, Android, and SMS in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, and Germany.  Carl has also worked at Siemens Mobile, Siemens Medical, and Shared Medical Systems.

 Carl is listed as a named inventor on 24 software and technology patents and received the 510(k) clearance for the first mobile medical application for medication adherence

Carl received an MBA from the University of Utah, and is a certified ISO 13485 auditor.