Candis Morrison, PhD, ACNP U.S. FDA

Candis Morrison, PhD, ACNP

Candis Morrison, PhD, ACNP U.S. FDA

Candis Morrison is a Senior Clinical Analyst at the Food and Drug Administration in Silver Spring Maryland. Her work includes clinical reviews of; applications for New Drug Approvals, Investigational New Drug trials, as well as new indication supplements for the Division of Hematologic Malignancy Products 2.

Candis earned a Master’s degree in administration and psychiatric nursing. Her doctoral studies focused on stress and psychoneuroimmunology, and she earned her PhD in Health Education. She developed programs for, and taught nurse practitioner students, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing while practicing in the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus caring for patients with hematologic and oncologic diseases.

She has practiced in the areas of hematology and hematologic malignancies for more than twenty years, working with teams in which she contributed to protocols, worked with sponsors, and authored publications. She continues to practice in the Division of Lymphoid Malignancies at the National Cancer Institute where she is part of a multidisciplinary team caring for multiple myeloma patients on clinical trials.

When not working, Candis enjoys skiing, spending time with her five sons, and volunteering with animal rescue organizations in, and around, Washington, DC.