Bram Jongen PhD Datwyler

Bram Jongen PhD

Bram Jongen PhD Datwyler VP Materials and Surface Technologies

After his Masters in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Louvain, Belgium, Bram Jongen acquired a Ph.D. in Water Soluble Polymers used for advanced drug administration. Bram started as Technical Support Manager for Datwyler 18 years ago, and picked up the role of heading the Global Product Introduction & Support team, a global team of highly experienced and educated people, having each their expertise in the world of pharmaceutical closures. Bram himself acquired profound Extractables & Leachables expertise. From 2013 till 2020, he has been acting as Head of R&D, leading a group that focuses on developing new rubber and new coating materials. Since early 2020, he has become VP of Materials & Technologies, overseeing the development teams in Datwyler’s HealthCare branch, but also the Mobility, Food & Beverages, General Industry, and Connectors teams.