Bernhard Luy, PhD Meridion Technologies

Bernhard Luy, PhD

Bernhard Luy, PhD Meridion Technologies

Bernhard Luy is CEO of Meridion Technologies, Germany, a company focussing on the development of process technologies for spray freezing and dynamic freeze drying, and the related manufacture of processing equipment.

Bernhard Luy received his pharmacy degree from University of Freiburg and  FU Berlin, Germany, and his PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from Basle University Switzerland ( Prof. Hans Leuenberger).

Prior to founding Meridion, he held various responsibilities within Glatt GmbH Germany, a privately owned global technology and process equipment provider to the pharmaceutical industry in the area of Solid Dosage Forms. His responsibilities included various development positions, prior to serving as COO of the German Headquarters and CEO of the Swiss operations. 

He is author and co-author of numerous patents and patent applications in the area of Solid Dosage Forms technology, pharmaceutical product and formulation development, as well as in the area of freeze drying technologies, and author of various publications.