Andre Kriegeskorte PhD GSK

Andre Kriegeskorte PhD

Andre Kriegeskorte PhD GSK Global Expert Microbiology

André Kriegeskorte is an experienced microbiologist and biotechnologist with extensive experience in clinical and pharmaceutical environments. He is the Global Subject Matter Expert Microbiology in the Global Quality Control department of GSK Vaccines . He has MSc in Biotechnology/Molecular Microbiology and a PhD in Microbiology of the University of Muenster (Germany) where he worked several years in the field of diagnostics, epidemiology, and research with a special focus on staphylococcal diseases and the molecular mechanism involved in staphylococcal pathogenicity and resistance. Currently, he leads the Global QC Microbiology network in GSK Vaccines to develop and implement the QC microbiology strategy and the related technology, processes and systems, across all manufacturing sites to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements and to build a “fit for the future” microbiology by introducing innovative and state of the art technologies and methods.