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Alexander Aust

Alexander Aust Aust Business Solutions CEO

Alexander Aust, MS, MBA is a nonviral drug delivery system (DDS) expert, strategic operations leader, and biopharma industry investor. Alexander is the CEO of Aust Business Solutions (AUST), a consulting firm that has distinguished itself in the areas of Cell and Gene Therapeutics (CGT), Aseptic Processing, and GMP Quality Support. AUST accomplishes a variety of Technical activities and functions as a Virtual CDMO; these projects often include facility design, technology transfers, process development, supply chain management, project management, regulatory submission authoring, FDA communication, CMC support, auditing, business operations, marketing, and market analysis. Alexander studied Molecular and Cellular Biology at Purdue University as well as Manufacturing and Operations Management at Ball State University. He has spent the last 12 years working with Biologics at all stages of life cycle development and commercialization. Alexander has been particularly successful with the development, manufacture, and testing of lipid and polymer-based DDS in support of targeted drug delivery. Starting with PEGylated proteins, liposomal formulations, peptides, CRISPR, and mRNA, Alexander has influenced innovation and driven growth in the space of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) functionality before, during, and after the COVID pandemic. He hopes to share his insights regarding advances in nanoparticle delivery vehicle development with you.