Richard Denk SKAN AG

Richard Denk is a Senior Consultant in Aseptic Processing and Containment at SKAN AG. Denk was a PDA Isolator Expert Group member and publisher of the PDA Paper Isolator Surfaces and Contamination Risk to Personnel and Patients. Furthermore, Denk is a member of the PDA Advisory Board for ATMPs, and he is a member of the ISO TC 198 WG-9 Aseptic Isolator Group. Denk founded 15 years ago the Containment Expert Group of the ISPE D / A / CH. The Containment Expert Group published the Containment Manual that Denk was responsible for in September 2021. Denk has spent more than 30 years with the subject production of aseptic processing and highly active/highly hazardous substances and has developed the containment pyramid.