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PDA D/A/CH Chapter

Chapter's Region:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Thank you for being a part of the PDA D/A/CH Chapter.

The mission of the PDA organization is to connect people to exchange on the rapidly evolving information on the latest technology and regulations.

The PDA D/A/CH Chapter is a to be-registered (e.V.) non-profit affiliation of the PDA and its target is to support the mission of the PDA by:

  • Connecting pharmaceutical manufacturers, regulatory, suppliers, academia and young professionals within the pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry in the D/A/CH region
  • Providing a platform for exchange on best practices within the industry, technologies and regulations
  • Encouraging cooperation with regulators and other industry representative bodies to ensure harmony and alignment throughout the industry
  • Providing networking opportunities to all members within the D/A/CH region
  • Growing the membership base of PDA within our D/A/CH region from students via ECPs to industry professionals

All our activities are based on volunteering work of our members and the success of this chapter is highly depending on the willingness the participate in activities (i.e. plan and organize events, engage in PDA IGs, contribution to TRs, etc.) and to share industry expertise.

To learn more please send us an email at: Contact Us

Members at Large
  • Thomas Balanant, Head of Integrated Quality Operations, Biogen: Membership Committee
  • Thorsten Haefner, Vice President of Business Development, PSM: Programs & Events
  • Miriam Kremer- van der Kamp, Project Manager, Bachem: Students and Early Career Professionals (ECPs) Committee
  • Dennis Augustin, Pharmaceutical Engineer, AbbVie: Communications & Social Media Committee


Chapter Officers

  • Walter Ischia



  • Julian Petersen


    groninger & co. gmbh

  • Eva Urban


    CSL Behring

  • Richard Denk



Chapter Resources

Discover essential materials such as the chapter handbook, templates, presentations, and insightful videos tailored for new chapter leaders and the GPS network.

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