The Infamous Fungus: Enigmatic, Distinct and Misjudged (single user digital version)

Mar 2021
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This chapter is taken from the book Fungi: A Handbook for Life Science Manufacturers and Researchers, edited by Jeanne Moldenhauer.

There is a major gap in understanding fungi in general and mold specifically in the pharmaceutical industry. Most mycologists are in academia and fungi are not taught in detail in microbiology courses. Recognizing this knowledge gap, Ziva Abraham, a leading mycologist, has attempted to explain fungi and mold holistically in this fun and informative chapter. This chapter explores all aspects of fungi and mold including their sources, structures, reproduction, as well as their use in every aspect of our lives. This chapter addresses fungal contamination, investigation, and remediation. Pathogenicity of fungi is also discussed for establishing objectionability of fungi in various products. This chapter and its wide view of fungi may allow you to see this life form in a different light.

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About the Authors

Ziva Abraham has over 35 years of academic, research, clinical and industrial experience in Microbiology, and Quality Assurance. Ziva has received her master’s degree in Microbiology and has conducted research on developing Microbial Insecticides using entomogenous bacteria and fungi towards her Ph.D. degree.

She worked as a clinical scientist for many years and established clinical laboratory systems in Israel. In this capacity Ziva evaluated the first automated microbial identification system, introduced new technologies for HIV testing, and many rapid testing methods into the group of laboratories she helped establish and manage for Maccabi Medical. These laboratories conducted clinical testing in microbiology, chemistry, parasitology, hematology and immunology.

She is a passionate microbiologist and mycologist and provides training worldwide on various microbiology and contamination control topics. Her clinical experience helps her evaluate and teach the clinical implications of microbial contamination on patients. Ziva is passionate about fungi; as in her research she had collected, identified, and tested hundreds of species. She routinely teaches hands-on fungal identification as well as investigation and remediation of mold contamination and most importantly the emergence of new fungal infections.

Ziva established Microrite, a California based consulting firm, in 1998 as an independent microbiology consultant. Ziva used her extensive research experience with fungi and clinical organisms and their impact on human health to build an internationally renowned contamination control team of experts. Her team consists of facilities, cleanroom, airflow, static charge, validation, quality and microbiology professionals with practical knowledge in their field and involvement in industry standards and guidance organizations. Ziva’s team works congruently to resolve client issues, prevent contamination through design and help clients produce safe products for human and veterinary use.