Microbiological Culture Media: A Complete Guide for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Manufacturers (single user digital version)

Nov 2017
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Taking into account that 90 percent of quality control microbiology remains reliant upon culture based methods, this unique text focuses on microbiological culture media as applied to pharmaceutical microbiology. This book takes into consideration that innovations continue to arise with new media recipes that are formulated for the selection of new strains for the application of media in conjunction with rapid microbiological methods. In 23 chapters, the book covers how media is used in the modern pharmaceutical microbiology setting and recaps the past, signals the future, and helps interpret the present.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

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  1. Applications of Culture Media in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Microbiology
  2. History and Development of Microbiological Culture Media
  3. The Science of Culture Media
  4. Common Types of Microbiological Culture Media for Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  5. The Media Kitchen and the Preparation of Microbiological Culture Media
  6. Sterilization of Microbiological Culture Media
  7. Quality Control of Culture Media
  8. Microbial Cultures
  9. The Use of Environmental Isolates in Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  10. The Colony Forming Unit
  11. Microbial Identification and Visual Assessment of Colonies
  12. Qualification of Culture-Based Environmental Monitoring Methods
  13. Incubation Strategies for Environmental Monitoring
  14. Culture Media for Sterility Testing
  15. Culture Media for Media Simulation Trials
  16. Culture Media for Microbial Controls During Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  17. Assessment of Culture Media for Water Testing
  18. Culture Media for Cell Culture Work
  19. Diluents and Neutralizers Required for the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory
  20. Data Integrity, Computerized Systems and Microbiological Culture Media
  21. Auditing Culture Media Suppliers
  22. Industry Practices Relating to Culture Media Use
  23. Growth and Culture Based Rapid Microbiological Methods

About the Authors

About the Author

Dr. Tim Sandle is Head of Microbiology at Bio Products Laboratory, UK and visiting tutor with the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Manchester. He serves on several national and international committees related to pharmaceutical microbiology and cleanroom contamination control including Pharmig and PDA technical working groups. He is a member of several editorial boards, the author of over 500 book chapters, peer-reviewed technical articles and several books published including Aseptic and Sterile Processing co-edited with Edward C. Tidswell co-published by PDA and DHI Publishing.