PDA Survey: 2014 Quality Culture Metrics (single user digital version)

Sep 2015
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This publication presents the results of the PDA Quality Culture Metrics Surveys conducted in September and October 2014. Because similar questions were asked, two sets of results are shown side by side: those from the survey open to all PDA members and those from the survey sent to Heads of Quality at the 100 companies with the most active PDA members. There is also a section with responses from consultants.

The objectives of this survey were to understand the maturity of Quality Culture in industry at the time of the survey and to identify appropriate attributes of Quality Culture that can be measurable. A complete analysis of the survey results has been published in the PDA Journal, September/October 2015 edition, accessible at journal.pda.org. This companion document presents the question by question results which are grouped into three sections: General Demographics, Observed Quality Culture Behaviors, and Quality System Maturity Attributes.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


  1. General Demographics
  2. Observed Quality Culture Behaviors
  3. Currently Collected Quality Culture Metrics
  4. Quality System Maturity Attributes
  5. Consultant Responses