Cold Chain Chronicles: A practitioners outside-the-box perspectives on the importance of temperature-sensitive drug stewardship (single user digital version)

Jan 2015
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This book is quite different from the typical prescriptive PDA/DHI "how-to" publication. Noted pharmaceutical cold-chain expert, Kevin O'Donnell, relates a series of engaging stories carefully crafted to elevate awareness, understanding, and criticality of temperature-sensitive drug products throughout the supply chain — not only for the stakeholders involved — but for the consumer in us all. O'Donnell deftly blends his cold-chain storytelling with charm and wit, history and science, and the wisdom of a practitioner's 35 years' experience. These thought-provoking narratives convey to the reader heuristic lessons that underscore the risks involved and the impending need to improve the processes that ensure these fragile pharmaceutical products arrive to their destinations — and to the patients who need them — in a safe, controlled way.

As an added bonus for both new and experienced colleagues, the World Health Organization has granted permission allowing readers to access, either by URL or QRs available in the book, training videos they have prepared on the subject.

Book written in September 2014

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

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Section 1
Exploiting the Genius of Nature in Packaging

    1. Of Beetles, Bees, and Butterflies
    2. Magic Mushrooms
    3. Got Silk?

Section 2
Small World, Big Challenges

    4. Welcome to Yakutsk! The Coldest City on Earth
    5. Swiss Watches and Insulating Packages
    6. Lake Superior: The World's Largest Gel Pack

Section 3
Standards That Aren't

    7. How Frozen is Frozen?
    8. Defining Cold
    9. Buddy, Can You Spare a Pain Reliever?
    10. A Year in the Life of a Vaccine

Section 4
Hope or Hype

    11. Refrigeration Without Electricity
    12. No. Deposit, No Return
    13. Pharming: A Bountiful Harvest
    14. Facts and Myths About Expanded Polystyrene
    15. Plastics of the Future

Section 5
It's Not Just Cold Chain; It's Personal

    16. There Once Was A Woman From Pleasanttown
    17. Captain Cold Chain to the Rescue!
    18. Degrees of Attitude

Section 6
Unsung Heroes of the Final Mile

    19. A Sled-Dog, a Bacterium, and a Drug Company
    20. An Urban Doctor's Patient-level Crusade
    21. A Family Tragedy

About the Authors

About the Author

Kevin O'Donnell, is widely considered one of the principal architects of the modern-day biopharmaceutical cold-chain movement and a champion for the advancement of good distribution and logistics practices for temperature-sensitive drugs. He is Senior Partner at Exelsius Cold Chain Management Consultancy, an international provider of consultative, research and training services to manufacturers, airlines, forwarders and other stakeholders in the life science logistics sector.

Kevin's pioneering efforts are reflected in his various roles within the industry and for his co-authorship of numerous standards and guidance documents including that as a member of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Expert Committee on Packaging, Storage and Distribution; temporary advisor and certified mentor to the World Health Organization (WHO); as founding member of the PDA Pharmaceutical Cold-Chain Interest Group and co-author of PDA Technical Report No. 39.