PDA Technical Report No. 7, (TR 7) Depyrogenation (single user digital version)

Jan 1985
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Note: This Technical Report has been retired by PDA and is no longer considered to represent current industry best practices. It is available for historical/research purposes only.

This Technical Report was prepared by PDA Depyrogenation Subcommittee.

The Depyrogenation report consists of 14 chapters, each written by an authority in the field. Each chapter describes the different methods of depyrogenating solutions and devices. Since depyrogenation is a field characterized by rapid technological advances, and due to the limitations imposed by time and space, a more comprehensive treatment of the many areas of endotoxin depyrogenation was not possible.

This report serves as a stimulus to scientists involved with the control of endotoxin and desire to increase their knowledge of the structure and function of the bacterial toxin and depyrogenation. Therefore, it documents state-of-the-art depyrogenation to the extent that the limitations stated above permitted. It is our hope that it will encourage research in all aspects of depyrogenation.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1. Endotoxin: Its Structure and Function With Respect to Depyrogenation - Frederick C. Pearson
2. Pyrogen Removal by Ultrafiltration - Robert S. Tutunjian
3. Application of Reverse Osmosis in Pyrogen Removal - Lita Nelsen
4. Depyrogenation by Distillation - Richard F. Mahoney
5. Charge-Modified Media - Martin W. Mahard, Joseph Fiore and Richard Babineau
6. Depyrogenation by Microporous Membrane Filters - James R. Robinson, Marguerite C. O'Dell, Joseph Takacs, Timothy Barnes and Carole Genovesi
7. Depyrogenation by Sintered Activated Carbon - Erich K. Reinhardt
8. Detoxification of Endotoxin by Acid and Base - Karen Zink McCullough and Thomas J. Novitsky
9. Depyrogenation by Hydrogen Peroxide - Marilyn J. Gould and Thomas J. Novitsky
10. Inactivation of Endotoxin by Polymyxin B - Thomas J. Novitsky and Marilyn J. Gould
11. Depyrogenation by Limulus Amebocyte Lysate - Thomas J. Novitsky and Marilyn J. Gould
12. Depyrogenation by Dry Heat - B.H. Sweet and J.F. Huxsoll
13. Depyrogenation by Moist Heat - Thomas J. Novitsky, Sally S. Ryther and Marilyn J. Gould
14. Inactivation of Endotoxin by Ethylene Oxide Sterilization and Cobalt60 Irradiation - Charles T. Hudson and Robert Nase