Microbiology, and Engineering of Sterilization Processes, Twelfth Edition 2007

Jul 2007
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The Microbiology and Engineering of Sterilization Processes, Twelfth Edition is a reference book and quality manual for the microbial-control area. The technical operations necessary to carry out the microbial-control process involves the discipline of microbiology and engineering; consequently, a multidisciplinary team is required. For this reason we have centered the content on the microbiology and engineering of the sterilization processes.

The arrangement of the book achieves to understand and solve practical quality-control problems in the microbial-control area with the goal of providing an up-to-date package of basic information for persons working in or associated with the product sterilization field.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction (Including symbols and Nomenclature)
  2. Death of Microorganisms
  3. The Engineering Microbial-Control Unit Operation
  4. Laboratory Practices and Spore Growing Procedures
  5. Treatment of Numerical Data, Statistics
  6. Gathering Experimental Microbial-Kill Data
  7. Analysis of Microbial-Survivor Data (Calculating D-Values)
  8. DT- and z- Values of Widely-Recognized Resistant Spore-Forming Microorganisms
  9. Temperature Coefficient of Microbial Destruction
  10. The General Method of Heat-Process Evaluation
  11. z- Value Applications
  12. Temperature Measurement in the Gathering of Design Data or During Validation of Equipment and Processes
  13. Analysis of Heating and Cooling Data
  14. Designing Microbial-Control Processes
  15. Validation: Biologically Qualifying Microbial-Control Processes
  16. The Mathematical Method of Heat-Sterilization Process Evaluation
  17. Designing Moist-Heat Microbial-Control Processes
  18. Designing and Qualifying Microbial-Control Processes for Ethylene-Oxide, Hydrogen-Peroxide, and Other Lethal Agents
  19. Deviations in the Delivery of the Scheduled Process
  20. Suggested Documentation of Heat-Sterilization Processes
  21. Glossary of Terms
  22. Indexes: Subject Matter by Chapter and Within Chapters

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