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PDA Receives First Johnson & Johnson Kilmer Award for Contributions to Sterility Assurance Science

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NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (May 6, 2016) – The Parenteral Drug Association, Inc. (PDA) was presented with the Kilmer Award in recognition of the Association’s longstanding leadership in contributing to the science of sterility assurance.

Richard Johnson, President of PDA, accepted this award on behalf of the association, with these words:

"Thank you for this honor.  PDA is celebrating our 70th anniversary of Connecting People, Science & Regulation.  Over this period, products that our members have produced have impacted the lives of hundreds of billions of patients all over the world."

"I am humbled when I think about the leaders upon whose shoulders we stand:  [Frederick] Carleton, [Gordon] Personeus, [Frederick] Simon, [Irving] Pflug, and more recent leaders like [James] Akers and [James] Agalloco, [Theodore] Meltzer and [Russell] Madsen, and current contributors like [Maik] Jornitz, [Harold] Baseman, [Martin] Van Trieste, [Michael] Sadowski and [Gabriele] Gori, and the many others who have contributed to this legacy. On their behalf, I am proud to accept this honor."

Johnson & Johnson brought back the landmark Kilmer Conference on sterility assurance and sterilization this May after a 13 year hiatus. Johnson & Johnson hosted eight Kilmer Conferences between 1976-2003 for invited sterility assurance professionals from industry, academia and regulatory authorities.  Kilmer Conferences take their name from Fred Kilmer, who was a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry and director of Johnson & Johnson’s scientific laboratory from 1889-1934.