PDA Announces the Jette Christensen Early Career Professional Grant in Memory of Past PDA Chair 11 December, 2023

PDA today announced the establishment of the Jette Christensen Early Career Professional Grant in memory of the Immediate-Past Chair of the PDA Board of Directors, who passed away on October 24 after a long battle with cancer. As a PDA member, Board Member, and PDA Chair, Jette’s dedication to PDA’s mission of advancing pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical manufacturing science and regulation so members can better serve patients benefited not only PDA members but the entire industry.

Created through the PDA Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, Training, and Research, the Jette Christensen Early Career Professional Grant will provide funding for the development of the next generation of industry leaders which is reflective of one of Jette’s many passions. Early Career Professionals selected to receive this prestigious developmental grant will receive funding to enable their attendance at PDA’s technical conferences and training courses.

"The PDA organization is very saddened by the recent loss of our Immediate Past Chair and long-term PDA Member Jette Christensen,” said Glenn Wright, PDA President and CEO. “For over 25 years she was an active contributing member of PDA serving on various Conference Planning Committees, Advisory Boards, TR teams, Board of Directors including as Board Chair. Jette was very active even until just a few weeks before her passing, continuing as a member of the PDA Executive Committee in her role as Immediate Past Chair. Her commitment to PDA was unfaltering and we cannot thank her enough for all she has done. Knowing Jette personally for over 20 years, I will miss not only her love of life, engaging attitude but her insightful questions and wise counsel. She will be greatly missed by the entire PDA family."

“Jette was a great lady with a beautiful and welcoming demeanor,” said Sue Schniepp, PDA Chair. “She taught me so much during the time I worked with her. I will miss her and will always remember her dignity and grace in everything she undertook.”

“I had the honor to work with Jette for her entire term on the PDA Board of Directors, up to and including her term as Chair of PDA,” said Richard Johnson, past PDA President and CEO. “Over the years I came to know her and her courage and determination. She was a leader who always included everyone's input. She was considerate and kind and maintained her dedication despite her challenges. Jette also enjoyed interacting with a wide variety of people from around the world. Those of us who were fortunate to know her will always remember her with fondness.”

Donations in memory of Jette to support the grant can be made through the PDA Foundation website at: https://www.pda.org/about-pda/foundation


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