Parenteral Drug Association Announces Partnership with MJM Global Brokerage Group 14 December, 2020

Bethesda, MD and Englewood, NJ  – Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), today announced it is partnering with MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group to provide the members of the Association a new benefit: access to healthcare coverage options to its membership, their employees, and their families. This additional benefit will enable members to save year after year on healthcare costs, as well as provide better healthcare coverage. 

 “PDA continues to look for way to assist our members during these challenging times,” said Richard Johnson, President and CEO of PDA.  “While many of our PDA members have great health insurance options through their employers, this is not the case for all of our members.  For these individuals, the cost and quality of health insurance is an ongoing concern.  Challenging times call for real action and, as such, PDA has been working with insurance provider MJM Global Brokerage to take the unusual step of seeing if we can extend, to our members, access to a group health plan.  PDA receives no revenue from this offering.”

PDA®, the marketplace launched by MJM Global, uses the collective purchasing power of PDA members to reduce healthcare premiums, benefitting all members, while maintaining flexibility in plan design and provider. Bundled with the coverage, at no additional cost and no co-pay, is Prosper Benefits, a suite of non-insurance benefits including TeleMedicine, TeleMental, HealthCare Advisor, and Medical Billing Advocacy. This benefit enables members to take control of their healthcare costs. 

 MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group is rich in family tradition, spanning three generations over 70 years, providing reliable insurance for all types of commercial and personal risk to the jewelry industry. They launched PDA® to help association members see immediate and significant savings on one of the largest expenses, in addition to turning an otherwise complicated health insurance buying process into an easy system.  

Michael Malhame, President of MJM Global Insurance added, “I am confident that offering the ability to access healthcare coverage via PDA® will enable MJM to provide unprecedented service levels.”  Malhame continued.” Since the signing of the ACA, group health insurance plans have increased at over three times the rate of general inflation. Ninety-seven percent of Americans do not know what their insurance covers, and the process of shopping for and enrolling in coverage remains a significant burden to employers and employees. PDA and MJM Global have made significant movement to help resolve the situation.” 

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