Parenteral Drug Association and Euromed Communications Release Second Co-published book, Industrial Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Quality Control 24 April, 2024

Parenteral Drug Association, Inc. (PDA) and UK-based Euromed Communications today announced the publication of Industrial Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Quality Control. This 500-page book includes 20 chapters from 19 industry leaders in pharmaceutical microbiology quality control. Electronic copies are sold on both publishers' bookstores for $299.00. Hardcopies can be purchased for $340 at Euromed Communication's website.

Industrial Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Quality Control is an in-depth, comprehensive survey of quality control methods in the pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory to enable better understanding and to ensure better developed, more compliant, expedited procedures. The reference text brings together the hitherto unavailable background, fundamental science, principles, development, intended purpose, and specific answers to questions of execution and qualification of compendial and related microbiological test methods. Key topics include the types of microbiological tests, reference strains and culture collections, and equivalence of reference strain.

"This book should become a staple reference for the PDA membership, as pharmaceutical microbiology quality control is a topic central to the challenges faced by many working in our community," said Walter Morris, Senior Director of Publications and Press Relations, PDA. "Edward and Radhakrishna have done an excellent job assembling well-known authors who are frequent participants in other PDA activities."

For more information or to purchase the book, go to the PDA Bookstore.


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