New Book on Environmental Monitoring Grows PDA’s Library of Technical Information 2 October, 2009

Bethesda, Md. – The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and DHI books have published volume three of Environmental Monitoring: A Comprehensive Handbook.

Edited by well-known industry expert and consultant in aseptic processing operations, Jeanne Moldenhauer, PhD, the book addresses current scientific, regulatory and technology environmental monitoring concerns for both aseptic processing and isolation technology.

Contributing Expert Authors Include:

Jeanne Moldenhauer, “Environmental Monitoring”

James Akers, “Asepsis and the Foundations of Infection Control”

Kenneth Muhvich, PhD, “Avoiding Viable Microbial Contamination Events—Illustrative Case Studies”

Joseph J. Lasich, “Global Approach to Environmental Monitoring”

Scott Sutton, PhD, “Trending in the EM Program”

Gilberto Dalmaso, PhD, Manuela Bini, Roberto Paroni, and Michela Ferrari, Technology/Application: Qualification of New High Recovery Flocked Swabs as compared to Traditional Rayon ™ Swabs for Microbiological Environmental Monitoring of Surfaces”

Philippe Gadal,“Real-Time and Sensitive Surface Monitoring with ChemSWAB and ScanRDI”

Dawn McIver, “Microbial Recovery from Surfaces using Contact Plates and Swabs”

T. J. Ronningen andA. P. Bartko, “Microbial Detection, Identification and Enumeration based on Raman Spectroscopy”

Andrew Sage, PhD, andDon Straus, PhD, “A Rapid Non-Destructive Automated Compendial Method for Environmental Monitoring”

Philippe Gadal and Quitterie Desjonqueres, “Active Microbial Air Sampling with Coriolis®˜µAir Sampler and ScanRDI®”

Anna Soderholm-Labre, PhD, and Kornelia Berghof-Jager, PhD,“Hygiene Screening System, a Real-Time PCR Method for the Rapid Identification of Major Microorganisms in Environmental Monitoring”

Jerry Tjernagel, “Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratories Proficiency and Competency”

Robert Toal, Michael Goetter, Susan Harrison, Jeremy Tanner, Timothy A. Coleman and Robert Lutskus, “Best Practices in Environmental Monitoring Automation”

Michael J. Miller, PhD, “Evaluation of the Biovigilant® IMD-A™, A Novel Optical Spectroscopy Technology for the Continuous and Real-Time Environmental Monitoring of Viable and Nonviable Particles

This book is now available to purchase at PDA’s bookstore. Visit for more details.


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