PDA Strategic Plan (2020 - 2026)

PDA has just released its Strategic Plan for the next six years, 2020-2026. This new document was developed by PDA’s Strategic Planning Committee at the direction of the Board of Directors.

The 2020-2026 PDA Strategic Plan was developed to assist PDA in achieving its vision to be the premier global leader in advancing bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing, science, technology, and regulation to enable members to better serve patients.

Fulfillment of the plan’s strategic objectives will enable PDA to advance its long-term mission to maximize product quality, availability, and value by connecting people, science, and regulation within the bio/pharmaceutical community.
PDA Objectices


The drivers of this Strategic Plan are to:

  • Differentiate PDA from other organization to show value to and attract new members
  • Develop members and volunteer pipeline
  • Promote thinking globally and acting regionally
  • Sustain PDA’s growth


The development of PDA’s 2020-2026 Strategic Plan was a nearly two-year process. Over this time, the Strategic Planning Committee solicited input from a variety of stakeholders, including:

  • High-level management at specific companies within the industry
  • Members from diverse segments of the industry
  • Volunteer Committees and Advisory Boards

The 2020-2026 Strategic Plan was approved by the PDA Board of Directors in December 2019.

What's New

What’s New in the PDA Strategic Plan

The most important element that differentiates PDA’s 2020-2026 Strategic Plan from past strategic plans is the alignment of this plan across all PDA teams.

Under this plan, all stakeholders, including the Board of Directors, Committees, Advisory Boards, and Staff, will be expected to work to achieve the strategic objectives outlined in the plan and to report their progress to the Board of Directors.

This vertical integration of goals is critical to assuring that we are all working in harmony to achieve PDA’s strategic objectives.

In addition, the Strategic Plan will cover a six-year period, from 2020-2026, to ensure continuity of leadership of Chairs, eliminating a transition of leadership of Chairs mid-term.

Pillars for the 2020-2026 Strategic Plan

Connecting people, science, and regulation remains PDA’s strength and motto. The 2020-2026 PDA Strategic Plan focuses on PDA’s four key pillars with specific overarching goals for each:


With the goal of enhancing value to members by growing in diversity and improving global reach and connectivity of PDA’s products and services.


Where PDA aims to serve as the premier global leader for proactive advancement of science, manufacturing, quality, and innovation in response to emerging science and technology trends.


The goal of which is to advocate for global regulatory dialogue and harmonization, and to establish industry standards that drive compliance, quality performance, and advance innovation.


Through which PDA strives to maintain sustainable leadership, growth, and excellence to enable its members and the industry to best serve patients.

For each of these key areas, the plan details the vertical integration across organizational activities and sets forth the road map for achieving PDA’s strategic objectives.


  • “PDA’s 2020-2026 Strategic Plan is the result of nearly two years of work and is built on the strength of input from all of PDA’s key stakeholders. The result is a comprehensive road map for the next six years that will keep PDA competitive and enable us to meet the needs of our current and future members today and into the future.”
    Rebecca Devine
    Immediate Past Chair, PDA Board of Directors, and member, PDA Strategic Planning Committee
  • “The vertical integration of PDA’s 2020-2026 Strategic Plan makes it unique in that it incorporates PDA staff and all volunteer groups into the process of achieving PDA’s strategic objectives. The strategy provides a mechanism for all groups to work in harmony toward a common goal and to be accountable for PDA’s success in realizing its objectives. The implementation of this plan will position PDA to stay nimble and ahead of the competition within the industry.”
    Maik Jornitz
    Former Director and Chair, PDA Board of Directors, and member, PDA Strategic Planning Committee
  • “This strategic plan is a result of a collaborative effort involving PDA’s volunteers globally, including current and former Board members and staff in the U.S. and Europe. The results will guarantee PDA’s business as a beneficial not-for-profit association to be used by the membership to be used by industry to keep up to date and share innovation. Simplification of regulatory requirements and harmonization of interpretation is supported by enabling the pharmaceutical community, including regulators, to learn from best practices internationally.”
    Stephan Roenninger
    Former Director, PDA Board of Directors, and member, PDA Strategic Planning Committee
  • “I am proud of the detailed, inclusive process that led to the development of PDA’s 2020-2026 Strategic Plan, which represents input from all facets of PDA’s diverse membership and volunteer corps. The alignment across all of PDA will enable us to work together to build on PDA’s well-established strengths to keep pace with our rapidly changing industry and to continue to effectively serve the needs of our global and diverse constituency.”
    Anil Sawant
    Director, PDA Board of Directors, and member, PDA Strategic Planning Committee