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Parenteral Drug Association Connecting People, Science and Regulation ®

Advisory Boards

Three PDA Advisory Boards established the strategic direction and provide oversight for PDA’s scientific, quality, regulatory and technical activity.   These boards meet monthly to provide input into the direction and focus of PDA guidelines, technical reports, technical bulletins.  AB members are part of the PDA strategic planning process and serve as the gatekeepers to initiate new PDA projects through technical report teams and task forces as well as recommend of other activities such as conferences or training courses. 

Advisory Boards work together to develop PDA consensus comments to draft health authority publications and oversee PDA Interest Groups.

  • The Scientific Advisory Board is primarily responsible for oversight of Interest Groups, Task Forces and Technical Report Teams who are developing tools to identify and share best practices in pharmaceutical manufacturing , validation,
  • The mission of the PDA Regulatory Affairs and Quality Advisory Board (RAQAB) is to serve the PDA membership by influencing scientific-based regulations and providing interpretation on quality and regulatory issues affecting development, manufacturing and control of healthcare products. This encompasses many areas including FDA, EMA, other global Regulatory Authorities and/or applicable bodies. RAQAB has primary responsibility for review and approval of consensus responses to draft health authority publications but involves the other ABs as determined by the topic. 
  • The Biotechnology Advisory Board (BioAB) provides oversight for PDA’s biopharmaceutical scientific and technical activity and works with its associated Interest Groups to identify current topics of interest to members in this field.