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Recommended Resources on Visual Inspection

PDA offers a variety of highly regarded resources on Visual Inspection, including Technical Reports and technical books on various aspects of this important topic. Written by noted experts in the field, they offer up-to-date information and industry best practices to help you improve your knowledge and manufacturing processes.

If you work in the field of Visual Inspection, you might find these specialized publications to be of interest:

Visual Inspection and Particulate Control

By Scott Aldrich, Roy Cherris, and John Shabushnig

Learn more

TR No. 43, Revised 2013, Identification and Classification of Nonconformities in Molded and Tubular Glass Containers for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Learn more

TR No. 76, Identification and Classification of Visible Nonconformities in Elastomeric Components and Aluminum Seals for Parenteral Packaging

Learn more

Aseptic and Sterile Processing: Control, Compliance and Future Trends

Edited by Tim Sandle and Edward Tidswell

Learn more

Lifecycle Risk Management for Healthcare Products: From Research Through Disposal

Edited by Edwin Bills and Stan Mastrangelo

Learn more

PDA Survey: 2014 Visual Inspection

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