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EMA's Amsterdam Move Reflects Larger Trend


Known for its rich history and diverse culture, Amsterdam has transformed into an innovative and true 21st century city. It was recently named the European Capital of Innovation and some news outlets have even declared it to be the new “Silicon Valley.” Naturally, it comes as no surprise that EMA plans to relocate to Amsterdam. And this is not the even the first of many organizations to relocate to this city.

It is clear that that the pharmaceutical industry is evolving as we move toward a new generation of standards and principles, Amsterdam has the characteristics pharmaceutical companies want to emulate to meet the needs for innovation. Now more than ever companies recognize that there is a strong demand to develop modern and collaborative solutions in order to meet the future demands of the industry. For example, as we move toward more patient-centric care, we must identify new approaches in order to advance patients‘ welfare. We challenge our community to seek not only innovation in technological or scientific breakthroughs, but also through organizational improvements, process optimization and workflow enhancements.

PDA has always aimed to share new ways to improve our industry and help change the narrative from addressing the need for improvement in manufacturing to exploring disruptive technologies and the perspective of patients. The PDA Europe Annual Meeting is one event that creates awareness and understanding of important issues facing the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. This is an event where members can discuss the latest developments and emerging technologies, share new solutions to implement in their organizations, and provide attendees opportunities to network, especially for young professionals.

Just as EMA plans to move to Amsterdam, the 4th PDA Europe Annual Meeting has also moved to the city of innovation. This Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry and the decision to move this meeting could not be more fitting with where our industry is progressing.

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