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Voices of the Board

PDA Enters 2020 on Strong Note

by: Jette Christensen, Novo Nordisk

As the new chair of the PDA board of directors, I hope you are ready for the new year and are excited to see what PDA will provide to help you in your daily work throughout 2020.

To effectively deliver value to you, we will focus on agility, simplification and innovation—the keywords for our activities in 2020.

With this said, we will, as always, be science-based in all our products and quality risk management (QRM) will be included wherever possible.

PDA plans for an ambitious start to the new decade with a slate of activities and offerings. Below are some that I think may be of interest to our members.

  • We plan to host several conferences in Asia throughout 2020 following the successful launch of our new Asia-Pacific office in Singapore last year
  • We will continue to focus on encouraging young professionals to be engaged with PDA, including involvement in our task forces
  • You will still receive quality publications, including Points to Consider papers, technical reports and ANSI standards
  • E-learning courses will now be offered in addition to our recognized face-to-face courses held at the PDA Training and Research Institute in Bethesda, Md.
  • We will continue to conduct applied research to help support industry initiatives
  • We will work with our global regulatory partners to encourage support for efficient technologies and innovation
  • We will continue to advocate for global harmonization, simplification, efficiency and practical implementation based on science, technology and risk; and we will continue to comment on relevant regulatory draft requirements with science and risk-based argumentation to help achieve the best science and risk-based requirements to the benefit of the patient

Keep an eye on the PDA website for more information about all of these exciting projects and initiatives.

2020 will be a busy year, and therefore, we encourage you to help us achieve our goals by actively volunteering with us, because both hands are needed; PDA leadership and staff are one hand and our volunteers are the other.

Get involved by joining one of our chapters or interest groups. You can also write an article for the PDA Letter or PDA JPST, serve on a task force for a Points to Consider paper or technical report, or support one of our conferences by sitting on a planning committee.

By being active in our community, you will help build up the PDA family that will support agility, simplification and innovation within our industry.