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Voices of the Board

Collaboration Makes Things Easier!

by: Bettine Boltres, PhD, West

Close collaboration between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their component/manufacturing equipment suppliers is crucial for everyone’s mutual success. Fortunately, PDA offers plenty of opportunities for suppliers to present their latest scientific research work/technological development and to receive feedback from the pharmaceutical industry.

For one, PDA offers a broad choice of conferences where suppliers can showcase their latest developments and get in direct contact with potential purchasers. Key conferences include PDA’s U.S. and European Annual Meetings, the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference, the Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and also more specialized ones on microbiology, lyophilization, visual inspection, parenteral packaging, etc. These meetings combine scientifically oriented presentations with opportunities to exchange the latest news from around the industry in the exhibition area. New connections can also be made at lively networking events.

PDA technical report teams and other task forces offer another way for suppliers and manufacturers to collaborate. Many PDA technical reports combine the expertise of both parties, providing extensive best practices for PDA members. Other task forces support points to consider documents, regulatory commenting and standards development.

PDA Education courses also enable suppliers and manufacturers to learn from each other. Many instructors have experience working for a supplier and enjoy sharing their insights as part of the classroom experience. These courses cover topics ranging from container closure integrity, aseptic technique, lyophilization, etc. Instructors are carefully chosen and bring along in-depth industry experience which they usually share with a lot of enthusiasm and wit. I recommend you view a video promoting one such course to get a taste of what they offer.

For a deeper dive, suppliers and manufacturers can participate in PDA interest groups for in-depth discussions on specific topics. Interest groups usually meet in conjunction with a conference on a related topic. PDA offers interest groups focusing on packaging, microbiology, data integrity, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and more! PDA members can also connect with interest groups using the PDA ConnectSM platform.

As someone who works for an industry supplier and has been involved with PDA as a speaker, conference organizer, task force member and instructor, I hope to see continued collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers as a PDA board member.