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Voices of the Board

Common Goals Make Everyone Stronger

by: Joyce Bloomfield

The combined efforts of our talented membership allow us to meet one common goal: supplying safe products to the world’s patients.

This common goal aligns all our members on critical regulatory expectations. In addition to our many members within the industry, a large number of PDA members work for global regulatory agencies. Having had the distinct privilege to work for the pharmaceutical industry and the U.S. FDA, I identify with both, and recognize that whether we work for a company or for a regulatory agency, we are all equally driven by a deep passion for patient safety and health.

We all benefit when we work together to develop the best approaches to GMP. Our members drive the development of new technology through sharing knowledge at PDA Education courses, workshops and conferences. This sharing of knowledge paves the way for effective internal audit and inspection programs.

It has been my privilege to participate in many PDA meetings on critical industry topics. My favorite conference has always been the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference. I recall how I coveted attending this conference as a regulator. Even when I switched to working for a company, I continued to attend the conference. As I became more involved with PDA, I eventually contributed to shaping the conference as a member of the program planning committee.

Why do I enjoy attending the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference? This conference brings regulators and industry representatives face to face to discuss turnkey topics in the areas of manufacturing, quality, regulation and compliance. Each year, the conference evolves due to the needs of the pharma community. The program planning committee works months in advance to identify the most pressing trends affecting industry. Topics at this conference impact the development and content of many PDA documents—leading to practical guidance on applying regulations that best serves patients.

Beyond the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference, PDA staff and volunteers work seamlessly throughout the year to provide useful information to benefit all of us. There is no greater passion than those volunteers from companies and regulatory agencies of all sizes forging the way, going well beyond the call of duty to truly make a difference.

At the end of the day, the goals of industry and regulators are equivalent. Both want safe, available medicine for the world’s patients. For me, there is no greater satisfaction as a PDA board member than to have been a part of this great journey by working together toward common goals that make everyone stronger.