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Voices of the Board

Your Local Connection to PDA

by: Michael Sadowski, Baxter Healthcare

For over 70 years, PDA has connected People, Science and Regulation® to support the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical community in service to patients. PDA chapters are crucial to accomplishing this mission as they provide a local connection to our members across the globe. Currently, there are 26 chapters with 14 in North America, five in Europe, six in the Asia-Pacific region and one in South America. In 1989, the first PDA chapters were formed—the Canada, Puerto Rico, Midwest, New England and West Coast Chapters. Last year, the Pacific Northwest Chapter became our latest chapter. Currently, the Japan Chapter is the largest withover1,000 members!

Each of the chapters is led by a locally elected Board of Directors who follow PDA’s chapter handbook. This handbook also contains a helpful summary of recommendations based on lessons learned over the years. The president of each chapter is a member of the Chapter Council which meets monthly and is chaired by Trevor Swan, PDA’s Director of Membership, who has done a fantastic job strengthening collaboration to drive success across the chapter network. I have been fortunate to participate with the council and am truly inspired by this exceptional group of leaders with their strong dedication to PDA’s mission and to providing value to members.

Chapters host a wide variety of regular events that include opportunities for networking. The most common format is a dinner meeting featuring a speaker or panel, although all-day events focused on a specific topic, such as pharmaceutical microbiology, occur as well. Other chapter events are devoted exclusively to “kicking back” with industry colleagues in comfortable settings (e.g., picnics, sporting events, dinner cruises, etc.).

I strongly encourage all PDA members to take full advantage of the benefits offered by participating in their local chapters. If you are interested in learning more about your local PDA chapter or howto get involved, visit the PDA website.