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Editor's Message

New Publishing Tech Means New Processes for PDA Letter Staff

Not only has covering post-approval changes exposed me to innovations in parenteral manufacturing, but it has also made me think about how my role as editor of the PDA Letter has changed over time as PDA has embraced new publishing technologies.

When I started, my primary focus was reviewing and editing content strictly for the print magazine. The editorial team had a specific process with even more specific checklists to help in putting together the print magazine. But that process has changed over time as we have revamped the Letter website, published more digital exclusive articles, and produced “On the Issue” and “Editor’s HotSeat” videos. For example, we post new content to the website every Tuesday, which is a big departure from our previous, monthly routine. Now we must prioritize and accelerate the editing process for articles slated for online publication. the editing process for articles slated to appear online ahead of print.

Now, along with writing and editing, I also work with members of the PDA Letter Editorial Committee (PLEC) to identify subject matter experts to interview and develop questions and a script. This is another change. In the past, the PLEC only had one subcommittee, the Art Subcommittee. This subcommittee was tasked with reviewing cover art and infographics. Now, there is a Multimedia Subcommittee that helps us with our video and other multimedia content. I want to thank the members of this year’s Multimedia Committee for assisting with this year’s slate of videos: Christopher Hanff, Claire Briglia, Joanne Beck, Stephanie Gaulding and Valeria Frigerio-Regazzoni.

Speaking of our videos, we continue to try new things to make them ever-more compelling and tackle new subjects. At this year’s Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla., we filmed PDA board member Masahiro Akimoto interviewing Japan PMDA regulator Issei Takayama about his poster presentation, “Current Regulatory Considerations for Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals in Japan.” The interview was conducted in Japanese and will be subtitled in English. Look for it in the next few months on the Letter website and the PDA YouTube channel.

We also continue to expand the Letter website. Earlier this year, we published a lengthy overview of the 2017 PDA Container Closure, Devices and Delivery Systems Workshop. Each of the workshop moderators summarized their session of the workshop. The online version includes selected slides from the workshop and includes special navigation for accessing sections of the article. In print, the article appeared in three parts. If you have not already, I urge you to check out the article. We are also planning a similar article later this year. This article also required adjustments in our processes, particularly when it came to reviewing and selecting the accompanying slides for the online version.

While you contemplate how to implement a post-approval change for a new isolator, RABS, etc., take comfort in the fact that the PDA Letter staff also face the sometimeschallenging task of developing new processes for innovative technologies. Addressing these challenges, however, is worth it for providing PDA members the content and information they want in the most appropriate medium.