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Could Big Data Lead to Big Industry Changes?

by: Aaron R. Goerke, Hoffmann-La Roche, and Tor Gråberg, AstraZeneca | Feb 27, 2017

The collection of data has become a formality within pharmaceutical manufacturing. Its real potential lies in analysis combined with the knowledge to answer complex questions. This kind of analysis is often referred to as “Big Data.”

Big Data creates new possibilities for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to drive operational and business performance to higher levels. A handful of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are seeing success with Big Data, leveraging this analysis for more thorough decision making and process optimization.

But taking advantage of Big Data requires new strategies, processes, mindsets and skills. It is easy to sit back and bemoan the lack of solutions when it comes to new technologies, like Big Data, in the industry. Many others are in the same situation.

One way to get out of that bubble is to make time for the 2017 PDA Annual Meeting. On the last day of the conference, Michele D’Alessandro, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Manufacturing IT, Merck & Company, Inc., and Adam Fermier, PhD, Scientific Director, PDMS, Janssen Pharmaceuticals R&D, will speak about their companies’ experiences with Big Data in the plenary session, “Application of Big Data for Manufacturing Process Design and Optimization.

Other sessions at the meeting will look at analytical sciences and process monitoring, delivery system design, future facility design, real-time release testing, immunotherapies, manufacturing and logistics for personalized medicines, analytical sciences and quality control strategies, development in patient-centered precision medicine, next generation manufacturing and more.

If you are new to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, or an experienced professional interested in Big Data and other new ideas, the 2017 PDA Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to create, improve and expand your networking among new and long-standing colleagues.

For more information about the 2017 PDA Annual Meeting, and subsequent PDA Education courses, click here. 2017 PDA Annual Meeting