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Journal Top 10 for February 2019

Apr 01, 2019

Particulate Papers Dominate PDA Journal Views for February

Below are the top ten articles from the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology for the month of February.

1. PDA Paper

Stan Bukofzer, et al. “Industry Perspective on the Medical Risk of Visible Particles in Injectable Drug Products” (January/February 2015)

2. Review

Stephen E. Langille, “Particulate Matter in Injectable Drug Products” (May/June2013)

3. Research

Robert Ovadia, et al. “Quantifying the Vial Capping Process: Residual Seal Force and Container Closure Integrity” (January/February 2019)

4. PDA Paper

Deb Autor, et al. “PDA Points to Consider: Best Practices for Document/Data Management and Control and Preparing for Data Integrity Inspections” (May/June 2018)

5. Research

David R. Machak and Gary L. Smay, “Failure of Glass Tubing Vials during Lyophilization” (January/February 2019)

6. Research

Philippe Lam and Thomas W. Patapoff, “Split-Cakes, Still Delicious” (January/February 2019)

7. Research

Richard O. Montes, et al. “Simple Approach to Calculate Random Effects Model Tolerance Intervals to Set Release and Shelf-Life Specification Limits of Pharmaceutical Products” (January/February 2019)

8. Technology/Application

Diane Paskiet, et al. “Assessment of Extractable Elements from Elastomers”(January/February 2019)

9. Research

Patricia Mattiazzi, et al. “Extraction/Leaching of Metal-Containing Additives from Polyvinyl Chloride, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, and Polypropylene Bags and Infusion Sets into Infusion Solutions”(January/February 2019)

10. Review

Robert A. Schaut and W. Porter Weeks, “Historical Review of Glasses Used for Parenteral Packaging” July/August 2017


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