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Co-Authors Team Up for Book Signing at PDA Micro

Jan 02, 2019

The recent 13th Annual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology served as a comprehensive scientific forum, providing many excellent presentations, posters, events and venues to learn the latest in microbiology and to network with microbiologists across a variety of specialties. With the recent publication of our second edited PDA/DHI book, Microbial Control and Identification: Strategies, Methods, Applications, the meeting provided an opportunity for us to not only celebrate our accomplishment face-to-face but to also talk to readers and offer a book signing.

IMG_5582 (1)
The editors and some of the authors pose for a group photo at the conference. (Back l-r) Jeanne Mateffy, Amgen; Jim Polarine, STERIS; David Shields, STERIS; Ed Balkovic, PhD, Consultant; and Angel Salaman-Byron, PhD, Janssen Biotech (J&J) (Front l-r) Mary Griffin, MG Quality Microbiology Consulting; Vanessa Vasadi-Figueroa, QxP; and Dona Reber, Pfizer

This book looks at microbial identifications in a new light, viewing microbial identification as a cornerstone in the concept of microbial and contamination control programs. It comprises three sections: “Strategies” covers regulations and regulatory expectations, the role of microbial identification in microbial control and trending, risk assessments and risk management. “Methods” includes current best practices, traditional and emerging rapid methods for detection and identification of bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma and fungi and a chapter on the timely topic of data integrity. “Applications” features a microbiology laboratory training plan for bacteria identifications, the use of environmental and control microorganisms, stock culture management, disinfectant effectiveness and best practices and, last but not least, a chapter on biosafety.

Book signing 2
Editors Mary Griffin (left) and Dona Reber (right) sign copies of the book

The book signing provided an opportunity for us to discuss the book with many interested attendees with a broad range of experience. From these discussions, we learned the book is a valued reference for both new and seasoned microbiologists. Comments included:

“My background is not microbiology, [but] this is the practical information I need.”

“Comprehensive coverage of topics, organism types and current issues”."

“This book is proving to be just what our industry needs now.”

The book can be purchased in the PDA Bookstore.


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