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Journal Top 10

Oct 01, 2018

Below are the top ten articles from the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology for the month of August.

  1. PDA Paper

    “PDA Points to Consider: Best Practices for Document/Data Management and Control and Preparing for Data Integrity Inspections”

  2. Review

    “Particulate Matter in Injectable Drug Products”

  3. PDA Paper

    “Industry Perspective on the Medical Risk of Visible Particles in Injectable Drug Products”

  4. Conference Proceeding

    “Role of Risk Assessments in Viral Safety: An FDA Perspective”

  5. Research

    “Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination or Sanitization of an Isolator for Aseptic Filling of Monoclonal Antibody Drug Product—Hydrogen Peroxide Uptake and Impact on Protein Quality”

  6. PQRI Special Section – Review

    “ The Product Quality Research Institute (PQRI) Leachables and Extractables Working Group Initiatives for Parenteral and Ophthalmic Drug Product (PODP)”

  7. PQRI Special Section – Research

    “Extractables Characterization for Five Materials of Construction Representative of Packaging Systems Used for Parenteral and Ophthalmic Drug Products"

  8. Research

    “Sealing Behaviour of Container Closure Systems under Frozen Storage Conditions: Nonlinear Finite Element Simulation of Serum Rubber Stoppers”

  9. Technology/Application

    “Ozone Generation during High-Voltage Leak Detection: Fiction or Reality?”

  10. Research

    “Determination of the Acceptable Ambient Light Exposure during Drug Product Manufacturing for Long-Term Stability of Monoclonal Antibodies”


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