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A Handy Guide to Preventing Contamination

Oct 03, 2017

The prevention of microbiological contamination in the nonsterile manufacture of drugs and consumer products is paramount to maintaining a robust supply chain and ensuring consumer safety. Consequently, the importance of understanding, practicing and maintaining control of sanitation in a manufacturing plant cannot be emphasized enough.

For these reasons, the upcoming PDA book, Handbook on Contamination Prevention for Nonsterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, will provide solutions to ongoing contamination events. Chapters will cover:

  • Facility Layout
  • Equipment Design, Components, and Maintenance
  • Cleaning and Sanitization Practices
  • Purified Water System and Microbiological Controls
  • Hygienic Manufacturing Practices (Raw Materials and Sampling)
  • Personnel
  • Plant Microbiological Risk Assessment and Qualification Checklist

Handbook on Contamination Prevention for Nonsterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing will be available shortly for purchase in the PDA Bookstore.


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