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25 FDA Speakers Confirmed for PDA/FDA JRC

Jul 10, 2017

So far, 25 representatives of the U.S. FDA are confirmed to speak at the 2017 PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference.

CBER Director Peter Marks, MD, PhD, will launch the meeting by offering an FDA perspective on innovation for medical products in the opening plenary, Sept. 11 at 8:30 a.m. Confirmed FDA speakers consist of the following:

  • Carmelo Rosa, CDER
  • Brooke K. Higgins, CDER
  • Deborah A. Hursh, PhD, CBER
  • James Coburn, CDRH
  • Linda J. Ricci, CDRH
  • Debra Y. Lewis, Office of Orphan Products Development
  • Patricia Y. Love, MD, Office of Combination Products
  • Amy E. McKee, MD, Oncology CoE
  • Francis Godwin, CDER
  • Robert D. McElwain, CBER
  • Paula Katz, CDER
  • Theresa M. Mullin, PhD, CDER
  • Joan W. Blair, CBER
  • Shannon M. Hoste, CDRH
  • Tamara L. Ely, CDER
  • Christopher Joneckis, PhD, CBER
  • Robin Newman, CDRH
  • Steven Solomon, CVM
  • Douglas Throckmorton, MD, CDER
  • Donald Ashley, CDER
  • Sean Boyd, CDRH
  • Martine Hartogensis, CVM
  • Mary Marlarkey, CBER
  • Douglas Stearn, ORA

Continue to check the website for the meeting as new speakers are added to the agenda.


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