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Jan/Feb Issue of PDA Journal Includes Disinfectant Testing Commentary

Jan 30, 2017

David Shields, Carol Bartnett, and James N. Polarine, Jr., offer their perspective on the challenges of testing disinfectant effectiveness in the latest issue of the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology.


Alberto Biavati, et al., “Complexing Agents and pH Influence on Chemical Durability of Type I Molded Glass Containers”

Tobias Werk, et al., “A Method To Determine the Kinetics of Solute Mixing in Liquid/Liquid Formulation Dual-Chamber Syringes”

Bryan L. Yu, et al., “Kinetic Modeling of the Release of Ethylene Oxide from Sterilized Plastic Containers and Its Interaction with Monoclonal Antibodies”

Steven J. Novick, Wei Zhao, Harry Yang, “Setting Alert and Action Limits in the Presence of Significant Amounts of Censoring in Data“

Marcel Goverde, Julian Willrodt, Alexandra Staerk, “Evaluation of the Recovery Rate of Different Swabs for Microbial Environmental Monitoring”

Peter Stärtzel, “The Application of Amino Acids in Freeze-Dried Protein Formulations“

Roland Guinet, et al., “Multicenter Study on Incubation Conditions for Environmental Monitoring and Aseptic Process Simulation“


Yasser Nashed-Samuel, et al., “Development of Conductivity Method as an Alternative to Titration for Hydrolytic Resistance Testing used for Evaluation of Glass Vials Used in Pharmaceutical Industry“


David J. Shields, Carol Bartnett, James N. Polarine, Jr., “Disinfectant Effectiveness Testing Challenges“


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