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  • And the Winners Are!

    May 30, 2017

    PDA members whose contributions have helped the Association fulfill its mission are recognized each year at the PDA Awards Dinner, held during the Annual Meeting. PDA congratulates and thanks each winner for their service to the Association.

    Honorary Membership

    This is PDA’s most prestigious award, conferring lifetime membership benefits to the recipient. The award has traditionally been given in recognition of long service significant in nature to PDA and requires unanimous approval from the Board of Directors.

    Georg Roessling, PhD

    Gordon Personeus Award

    Presented in memory of the late Gordon Personeus, past PDA President and longtime volunteer, this award is intended to honor a PDA member, other than a Board member, for long-term acts or contributions that are of noteworthy or special importance to PDA.

    Art Vellutato

    Frederick J. Carleton Award

    This award is presented as a tribute to lifetime contributor, past President, past Executive Director, and Honorary Member Frederick J. Carleton, and is designated for past or present Board members.

    Junko Sasaki

    Anders Vinther, PhD

    Edward Smith Packaging Science Award

    In honor of long-time volunteer Edward Smith, who led PDA’s packaging science activities, this award is given in recognition of extraordinary contributions to PDA and the packaging science.

    Roger Asselta

    Martin VanTrieste Pharmaceutical Science Award

    Established in honor of long-time contributor and Chair Martin VanTrieste, this award is given annually for outstanding contributions to the advancement of pharmaceutical science.

    Kurt Brorson,PhD

    Hannelore Wilkommen,

    Distinguished Service Award

    This award is given in recognition of special acts, contributions, or services that have promoted the success and strength of PDA.

    Ed Balkovic, PhD

    Cylia Chen-Ooi

    Ghada Haddad

    Tsutomu Kamikukita, PhD

    Morten Munk

    PDA Europe Service Appreciation Award

    This award is presented annually for special acts, contributions, or services that have contributed to the success and strength of PDA’s European activities.

    Brigitte Reutter-Haerle

    Service Appreciation Award

    The Service Appreciation Award is presented annually for special acts, contributions, or services.

    Shannon Bellino

    Gaetano Fiorentino

    Beth Kirschenheiter

    Melissa Morandi

    Jonathan Morse

    Susan Schniepp

    John Shabushnig, PhD

    David Spaulding

    Brian Underhill

    Michael VanDerWerf

    Glenn Wright

    James P. Agalloco Award

    The James P. Agalloco Award is presented annually to the PDA faculty member who exemplifies outstanding performance in education. The award is named for James P. Agalloco, in honor of his work in developing the PDA Education program.

    John Ludwig, PhD

    Michael S. Korczynski Award

    An award established in recognition of contributions made toward the development of PDA’s international activities by Michael S. Korczynski, PhD.

    Gabriele Gori

    Frederick D. Simon Award

    The Frederick D. Simon Award is presented annually for the best paper published in the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. This award is named in honor of the late Frederick D. Simon, a former PDA Director of Scientific Affairs. This year’s award went to six recipients for their article, “Semi-Quantitative Analysis of InherentVisible Particles for Biopharmaceutical Products,” which was published in the March/April 2016 issue of the PDA Journal.

    Patricia Cash, PhD

    Stephan Krause, PhD

    Sophia Levitskaya-Seaman, PhD

    Maryam Mazaheri

    Derek Murphy

    Roja Narwal

    Distinguished Editor/Author Award

    This award recognizes the author or editor selected by PDA members for their contribution to PDA’s technical books. This year’s award went to the editor of the book, Assuring Data Integrity for Life Sciences.

    Siegfried Schmitt, PhD

    President’s Award

    This award recognizes a PDA staff member, other than senior staff, whose exemplary performance has contributed to PDA’s success during the previous year.

    Creixell Espilla-Gilart

    Trevor Swan

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  • PDA Europe welcomes Falk Klar, PhD as the new Senior Director Training & Education

    Jun 19, 2015

    PDA Europe welcomes Falk Klar (PhD) as the new Senior Director of Education as of June 1. In his new role, Falk Klar will work closely with Senior Vice President George Roessling, PhD and functions within PDA to strengthen the education portfolio and support other PDA activities in Europe.

    Falk Klar has a PhD in physics. He has 19 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. His experience covers medicinal products, clinical research for drugs, vaccines, narcotics, sterile liquids, biotechnical active ingredients, combination products and medical devices.

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  • PDA Annual Meeting 2016 - Call for Posters

    Jun 19, 2015

    Submit an abstract for a one-day poster presentation at the 2016 PDA Annual Meeting by August 24. Abstracts related to novel manufacturing and analytical technology are preferable, but those addressing improving manufacturing performance, changing regulatory landscape technology as well as advances and expectations are also welcome.

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  • Submit a PDA Volunteer Interest Profile and get involved

    Jun 19, 2015
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  • Adverts in the PDA Letter

    Jun 19, 2015

    Dear friends, colleagues and exhibitors,

    We are preparing the monthly's PDA Letter. We will have a series of articles in several sections.

    Advertising in the PDA Letter will enable you to reach all our members and give those members who are attending our events the chance to know you better before walking up to your booth.

    You can scan the insertion order and email it back to PDA Europe, Nadine Gold, [email protected], or fax it to PDA Europe at +49 33056-23 77 77. The circulation of the PDA Letter is 10,000 subscribers - Take advantage of the insertion opportunity because this is where all internationally renowned colleagues of all pharmaceutical branches will read from you! 

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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