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by Rebecca Stauffer, PDA | Aug 26, 2019

More on Low Endotoxin Recovery in the September/October PDA Journal!

Cannot get enough of the latest on low endotoxin recovery? Check out a research article on the topic in the September/October PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology.


  • “Development of Protein-Like Reference Material for Semi- Quantitatively Monitoring Visible Proteinaceous Particles in Biotherapeutics,” Srivalli N. Telikepalli, et al.
  • “Sample Treatment that Solve Low Endotoxin Recovery Issues,” Masakazu Tsuuchiya
  • “Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Uptake by Silicone Tubing and Primary Packaging Components during Protein Drug Product Aseptic Filling: Impact by Pre-treatment and Sterilization Process,” Yuh-Fun Maa, et al.
  • “Single-Use Container Closure Integrity I: Using Microbial Ingress Test Method to Determine the Maximum Allowable Leakage Limit (MALL),” Saeedeh Aliaskarisohi, et al.
  • “Retrospective evaluation of cycled resin in viral clearance studies – A multiple company collaboration,” Louise Bennett, et al.
  • “Preventing Cross-Contamination During Lyophilization. GMP and Occupational Cleaning Requirements for Nonproduct and Indirect Product Contact Parts,” Richard Denk, et al.


  • “Charting and evaluation of real-time continuous monitoring water bioburden,” Raphy Bar


  • “The Bugs Don’t Lie,” James Agalloco
  • “Fidelity to Science & Correct Scientific Vocabulary – Microbial Control Versus Contamination Control,” Ed Tidswell, et al.