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by Rebecca Stauffer, PDA | Nov 05, 2018

November/December Journal Offers Latest Packaging Research

Two research articles in the November/December PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology address packaging. One examines the impact of container closure system integrity during frozen transit and the other looks at delamination.


  • Jan Duchek and Balazs Havasi, “Analysis of Particulate Matter in Liquid Finished Dosage Forms”


  • Alejandra Nieto, et al., “Evaluation of Container Closure System Integrity for Storage of Frozen Drug Products: Impact of Capping Force and Transportation”
  • Massimo Guglielmi, et al., “Delamination propensity of glass containers for pharmaceutical use: a round robin activity looking for a predictive test”


  • James Agalloco and Edward Tidswell, “The Boil Test - Strategies for Resistance Determination of Microorganisms”
  • Kathryn Lee, Markus Lankers, and Oliver Valet, “Identification of Particles in Parenteral Drug Raw Materials”
  • Rizwan Sharnez, et al. , “Multiproduct Resin Reuse for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: Methodology and Acceptance Criteria”
  • Zhiyun Liu, “A Rapid Microbial Screening Method for In-Process Biologics”

PDA Paper

  • John Shabushnig, et al., “Achieving ‘Zero’ Defects for Visible Particles in Injectables”


  • John Ayres, “Conducting Clinical Risk Assessments for Visible Particulate Matter in Parenteral Preparations”