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by Rebecca Stauffer, PDA | Nov 06, 2017

Latest Research on Packaging, Validation and Microbiology Available in PDA Journal

The Nov./Dec. issue of the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology includes the latest research around a myriad of topics, including packaging, validation of a system and pharmaceutical microbiology. Make sure you don’t miss an issue and sign up for eTOC alerts.


John Mattila, et al., “Erratum to ‘Retrospective Evaluation of Low-pH Viral Inactivation and Viral Filtration Data from a Multiple Company Collaboration’”


Ken G. Victor, et al., “Method Development for Container Closure Integrity Evaluation via Headspace Gas Ingress by Using Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy”

Alberto Leyva, et al., “Demonstration of the Maintaining of the Validated State of a System Used to Generate Water for Injection by Thermocompression Distillation”

Lloyd Waxman, Vinod D. Vilivalam, “A Comparison of Protein Stability in Prefillable Syringes Made of Glass and Plastic“

Masakazu Tsuchiya, “Factors Affecting Reduction of Reference Endotoxin Standard Activity Caused by Chelating Agent/Detergent Matrices: Kinetic Analysis of Low Endotoxin Recovery“


Annalaura Carducci, et al., “Development of Methods for Recovering Endotoxins from Surfaces and from Air in Production Environment of Injectable Drugs“

Robert A. Schaut, et al., “Enhancing patient safety through the use of a pharmaceutical glass designed to prevent cracked containers”