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Technical Translator - Spanish

  • Speaking/Presenting
Application Deadline: 01 Jan, 2020
  • In Person
Bethesda, MD
Openings: 50


PDA is looking to offer translation of technical reports and is recruiting member-volunteers with subject-matter expertise to serve as translators and as quality control checkers. While PDA is interested in translating into many languages relevant to our members, the Association is currently seeking volunteers fluent in technical Spanish and English.

PDA is also seeking volunteers to serve on a Translation Review Committee who will review the translated technical report and compare it to the original English version for the purposes of determining its accuracy. These volunteers will receive recognition as contributors in the document, and one copy of the translated electronic technical report for their efforts.

Time Commitment

Volunteer translators must be willing to commit the appropriate amount of time necessary to complete a translation of a technical report within one to three months.

Please note: Technical reports range from as few as thirty to as many as 100 pages (the typical report is about 60 pages.)

Additional Information

Volunteers will receive recognition as translators in the document, and a free copy of the original and translated electronic technical report for their efforts, assuming the final translation is accepted and published.


  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing/Editing
  • Fluent in Spanish


  • CV
  • Active PDA Membership
  • Agree to PDA’s Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and Copyright Agreements.