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Membership Types and Pricing

PDA offers several different membership types. Please note these are individual-based memberships, they cannot be refunded or transferred between individuals, and we do not offer corporate membership.

PDA Membership Types and Pricing

Member Type Qualifications

Standard/Individual Membership

This membership is available to everyone and includes full membership benefits and privileges.

Multi-Year Standard/Individual Membership

Save money and sign up for two, three, four, five or more years of membership. This offer is for individuals working in the bio/pharmaceutical industry:

  • 1 Year Standard: $279
  • 2 Year Standard: $518
  • 3 Year Standard: $777
  • 4 Year Standard: $1,036
  • 5 Year Standard: $1,295

Young Professional Membership

To be eligible for our young professional membership you must be 30 years old or younger. Date of birth must be given at the time of enrollment.

Emerging Economy Membership

To be eligible for our emerging economy membership you must not live/work in a country that is designated by the World Bank as a high income country.

List of qualified countries

Regulator/Health Authority

To qualify as a government organization you must be employed by a regulatory agency or body. Individuals from companies wholly or partly owned by a government, or contracted to a government organization do not qualify. We offer this membership at no charge in recognition of the value brought by increased interaction between government members and the industry; if you are unable to accept membership at no charge we also offer the option to pay a nominal fee of $12.  Complimentary and paid government memberships must be renewed annually. A PDA representative may contact you for documentation verifying qualification for this membership type.

Academic Membership

Academic memberships are for full-time faculty and staff members at recognized academic institutions.  Does not include part-time/adjunct faculty simultaneously employed in industry. In order to activate your membership please fax/email appropriate documentation to substantiate your claim to qualification along with your application.

Student Membership

Student memberships are reserved for individuals enrolled as full time students at a recognized academic institution. Full time status is determined by the individual institution at which you are enrolled. Persons with full-time employment are not eligible. In order to activate your membership please fax/email us a copy of your current official transcript along with your application.

Retired Membership

Must be retried and not employed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Temporarily Not Employed

Must be unemployed and is a one-time one-year membership extension.