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2022 PDA BioManufacturing Conference

Sep 20 - Sep 21, 2022
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Biopharmaceutical Solutions to Prepare for Healthcare Challenges

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Dear Colleagues,

We welcome you to the next 2022 PDA BioManufacturing Conference

This year, the Scientific Program Planning Committee and the PDA have joined forces with the Lyophilization Conference to offer a full experience including emerging trends on biomanufacturing and regulatory focus areas. We will come together as a 3 – track conference face-to-face in Amsterdam / The Netherlands on 20-21 September 2022. 

Over the last years, we have seen a tremendous acceleration in all aspects of biopharmaceutical development, due to the health emergency, which revealed many opportunities for exploring new technologies, development approaches and regulatory frameworks to support rapid access of vaccines and biotherapeutics as well as sustainable life cycle management. The conference will provide the opportunity to discuss all these aspects: the theme of this edition will be Biopharmaceutical Solutions to Prepare for Healthcare Challenges.

The 2022 Biomanufacturing conference will emphasize topics including product, process and analytical development, aseptic manufacturing, supply chain challenges, lifecycle strategies, new technologies, environmental sustainability, regulatory approaches.

You will have the opportunity to expand your network, interacting with professionals from Industry, Academia, Research Institutes and Health Agencies.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

The Chairs

Cristiana Campa, GSK Vaccines 
Raf De Dier, Janssen


  • Cristiana Campa, GSK Vaccines (Chair)
  • Raf De Dier, Janssen (Chair)
  • Marta Antunes, MSD
  • Thomas Beutler, GEA Lyophil
  • Michael De Felippis, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Thierry Gastineau, Sanofi
  • Sabine Hauck, Leukocare
  • Susanne Joerg, ten23 health 
  • Julian Lenger, Bayer 
  • Yves Mayeresse, GSK 
  • Arnaud Paris, BioMerieux
  • Elisabeth Vachette, Sartorius 
  • Josh Eaton, PDA
  • Falk Klar, PDA 
  • Sabine Hartmann, Manager Programs & Events, PDA


  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Tuesday, 20 September 2022


    Welcome and Introduction
    Falk Klar, PDA Europe
    Cristiana Campa, GSK
    Raf De Dier, Janssen

    Opening Plenary: Biopharmaceutical Solutions to Prepare for Healthcare Challenges
    Moderator: Cristiana Campa, GSK & Raf de Dier, Janssen

    EMA CMC toolbox on early access: applicability to COVID-19 and beyond

    CMC Innovations to Achieve CEPI's 100 Days Mission – Lessons Learned from COVID-19 and Plans for the Future

    10:15 - 10:45 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition

    Current ICH Topics and Specification Setting Strategies
    Medicine Products Agency Sweden

    Q&A; Panel Discussion

    12:00 - 13:00 | Lunch Break, Exhibition & Interactive Poster Session

    Session 1A: Acceleration & Leanings from Pandemics
    Moderator: Thierry Gastineau, Sanofi

    Strategies for Rapid Development and Commercialization of MAb Therapies for COVID-19

    How to Accelerate the Supply of Vaccines to all Populations Worldwide - A Regulatory Perspective

    How has Biomanufacturing Changed from a Supply Chain Integrity Standpoint Because of the Pandemic

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 1B: Facilities
    Moderator: Yves Mayeresse, GSK

    Aseptic Processing - A Paradigm Shift
    PM Group

    Solutions to Multi-Modal, Flexible, and Sustainability Facility Design
    DPS Group

    Designing Flexible and Multi-Entity RNA Production Facilities
    DPS Group

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 1C: Lyophilization – Process & Characterization
    Moderator: Julian Lenger, Bayer

    Process Modeling and Process Analytical Technology for Primary Drying Design and Optimization
    TU Clausthal

    The Effect of Nesting and Neighboring Vials in Freeze-Drying
    LMU Munich

    Q&A Discussion

    14:30 - 15:00 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition

    Session 2A: Vaccine Platforms and Control Strategies
    Moderator: Sabine Hauck, Leukocare

    Quality by Digital Design for RNA Vaccine and Therapeutic Production
    The University of Sheffield

    Platform to Accelerate the Development of Vaccines Against Bacterial Pathogens

    How Integrity Testing of Single-Use Systems in Vaccine Manufacturing Can Help to Secure the Fast and Reliable Availability of Vaccines During a Pandemic – and Beyond

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 2B: Sustainability
    Moderator: Thierry Gastineau, Sanofi

    Designing for Patients and the Planet: Sustainable Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products
    Johnson & Johnson

    Sustainable Innovative Solutions for a New Agile Manufacturing facility

    Collaboration, Standardization, and Innovation – Steppingstones to Net Zero in Biopharma
    PM Group & Sartorius

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 2C: Sustainability
    Moderator: Thomas Beutler, GEA Lyophil

    GMP-Ready Continuous and Controlled Freeze-Drying
    Ghent University & Rhea Vita

    Evolution of Vision Technologies for Contaminants Characterization: How to Improve the Detection Rate and Reduce False Reject in Lyophilized Products Inspection
    S.P.A.M.I. srl

    Shelf Temperature Mapping- Easy Test
    or Miracle?


    Q&A Discussion

    16:30 - 17:00 | Break, Poster Session & Exhibition

    Session 3A: Single Use Systems
    Moderator: Elisabeth Vachette, Sartorius

    Single-Use Bioprocess Systems Sterilization by X-Ray: Challenges, Interchangeability, and Flexibility Outcomes

    End-to-End Single-Use Manufacturing at Pilot Plant for Early Development Clinical Material

    Extractables and Leachable from Single-Use Systems and Their Assessment in Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 3B: Interest Group Vaccines
    Moderator: Michael De Filippis, Eli Lilly & Company

    Welcome from the Session Chairs
    Michael De Filippis, Eli Lilly & Company
    Andrew Chang, Novo Nordisk

    Overview of PDA Vaccine Technical Report

    Vaccine Lifecycle Management: Regulatory Perspective
    US FDA

    Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Pandemic on Vaccine Lifecycle Management

    Vaccine Case Studies: Identification of Established Conditions (ECs) and Justification for Reporting Categories When Make Changes to the ECs

    Q&A Discussion

    18:30 | End of Conference Day 1 and Networking Event

  • Wednesday, 21 September 2022

    08:00 - 09:00 AM I Early Career Professionals - Morning coffee chat with the Old Schools
    Meet our PDA veterans at the conference foyer and get first-hand information on how you can expand your network, boost your career and participate in shaping the future of our industry!

    Cristiana Campa, GSK
    Julian Lenger, Bayer
    Falk Klar, PDA Europe


    Welcome Back & Summary Day 1
    Cristiana Campa, GSK
    Raf De Dier, Janssen

    Session 4A: Innovations in Formulation & Drug Product Manufacturing
    Moderator: Raf De Dier, Janssen

    Quickly by Design: How New Methods Reshape the Selection and Formulation Development of Novel Therapeutic Proteins
    Ghent University

    Overcoming Challenges in Co-Formulation of Proteins with Contradicting Stability Profiles – EPO plus G-CSF
    A. Menarini Research & Service Business GmbH

    Model Predictive Control for Automated Biologics Drug Product Manufacturing

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 4B: ICH Upcoming Topics - Stability & Specification
    Moderator: tba

    Using Stability Prior Knowledge From ‘Like-Molecules’ to Determine Shelf-Life

    Accelerated Stability Study: Kinetic or Statistical Models?

    Specifications Setting for Biopharmaceuticals in Accelerated Scenarios

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 4C: Quality Control Methods
    Moderator: Marta Antunes, MSD

    Superior Methods for the Assessment of Particulate Matter Risks when Applying Single-Use Systems: Moving Beyond the Force-Fit of USP

    Which Sustainable Innovative Solutions for a New Agile Manufacturing Facility?

    Q&A Discussion

    10:45 - 11:15 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition

    Session 5A: Track A – MAb New Trends
    Moderator: Elisabeth Vachette, Sartorius

    Strategic Modernization of a Commercial Monoclonal Antibody Process by the Introduction of a Next Generation Protein A Resin
    Eli Lilly & Company

    Process Intensification and Connected Processing for Robust, Cost-Effective, and Fast Manufacturing of Monoclonal Antibodies

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 5B: Comparability Strategies & Technical Transfers
    Moderator: Marta Antunes, MSD

    Comparability – How Similar is Similar? Lessons Learnt from Experience with Biosimilars

    Using Quality by Design to Accelerate the Biopharmaceutical Product Development Lifecycle: A Case Study

    Q&A Discussion

    Session 5C: Lyophilization Product Considerations
    Moderator: Yves Mayeresse, GSK

    Protein Stability in the Freeze Concentrated Solution
    Coriolis Pharma

    Investigation on Solution Creeping in Vials after Filling -A Case Study
    Boehringer Ingelheim

    Q&A Discussion

    12:25 - 13:10 | Lunch Break, Poster Session & Exhibition

    13:10 - 13:40 | Poster Walk

    Closing Plenary: Digitalization & Innovation
    Moderator: Sabine Hauck, Leukocare

    Regulatory Perspective on Model-Based Approaches to Biomanufacturing
    CBG meb Netherlands

    Transformation to the Laboratory of the Future: Automation Technology, Digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence


    14:45 - 15:15 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition

    Sustainability in Quality Control of Vaccines: Applying the 3R’s principle and implementing the 4th R.
    Sciensano Belgium

    Closing Panel Discussion with Key Speakers

    Conference Summaries by the Chairs
    Cristiana Campa, GSK
    Raf de Dier, Janssen

    Closing Remarks & Farewell
    Falk Klar, PDA

    16:30 | End of Conference

    The agenda is subject to change without notice, Speakers are invited, pending confirmation

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