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PDA Quality Culture Transformation

Take the first step on a journey to transform your Quality Culture with resources developed by PDA volunteers specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. Following a successful pilot conducted over the last 18 months, PDA is pleased to launch the Quality Culture Transformation Resources to the industry.

When you enroll in this new program, PDA will train your assessors, teach you how to use the Maturity Model, offer an anonymous survey to your site staff and give you access to PDA’s composite benchmarking results so you know where you stand with your peers.

Your site leadership will be able to gauge employees’ views of quality culture and have a better understanding of where to take action, how to track progress, and which decisions to take to improve the site culture.

Take the first steps toward evaluating the quality culture at your site and identifying opportunities for improvement by enrolling in the Quality Culture Assessment Tool and Training. The quality of your product and the safety of patients depends on it!