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The Science, Implications, and Implementation of PUPSIT in Terminal Sterilizing Filtration

A Three-Part Webinar Series

Dates: September 1, 8, 21
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EDT
Cost: $99 each or $250 for the entire series

Pre-use/Post sterilization integrity testing (PUPSIT) has been a widely debated topic for the last several years. To a large extent, the debate is due to the fact that scientific data were not available to provide additional clarity that could inform appropriate risk-based judgments and commensurate actions.

To gain clarity in these areas, in late 2017, PDA and BioPhorum formed the Sterile Filtration Quality Risk Management (SFQRM) Consortium to fill existing gaps in scientific data as adequately as possible with studies and industry guidance that would provide professionals and license holders with the ability to make informed decisions about appropriate risk management strategies.

In total, 25 manufacturers and filter suppliers, have contributed to the work of the Consortium, deploying their filtration experts, and pooling their collective knowledge and applied science experience to address these questions. This effort has also been supported by many independent experts.

A series of publications has been produced as a result of the collaboration. In order to share the comprehensive and holistic information presented in these documents and help manufacturers, suppliers, and regulators determine the best course of action with regard to PUPSIT, the Consortium has developed a new 3-webinar series, The Science, Implementation, and Implications of PUPSIT in Terminal Sterilizing Filtration.

Each of these 90-minute webinars will combine expert presentations and panel discussions to provide the latest information on important topics related to PUPSIT. The webinar format allows ample time for questions from attendees.

Register for one or more of the webinars individually or take advantage of a package discount when you register for all three! The cost is $99 per webinar or $250 for all three.

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