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Course Proposal

The Course Proposal Form requires the following information:

Course Name: Name of the Proposed Course

Description: This section should give a broad overview of the course. You may also include:

  • the format for the course (lecture, lecture discussion, workshop, lab, etc.)
  • the kinds of exercises used, if any (small or large group, individual, role play, etc.)
  • a one sentence statement of the objectives of the course

Rationale: A statement of why this course is valuable both to the client and to the participants. It should also state what, specifically, the participant will take away from the session and apply back on the job that they did not have before the class.

Target Audience: Who should take the course. Where possible, specific job titles should be provided.

Duration: Usually expressed in days

Prerequisites: Use course completions, certifications, and experience levels, where appropriate.

Learning Objectives: This section should list behavioral objectives; i.e., what will the participant be able to DO at the end of the course.  

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify …..
  • Discuss …..
  • Describe …..
  • Explain …..
  • A full list of acceptable learning verbs is available upon request

Active Learning Techniques:  From the list below, please circle the types of active learning techniques that will be included in your course.

Knowledge Based Activities

Application Based Activities

  • Lecture
  • Visuals/Illustrations
  • Examples
  • Analogies
  • Review
  • Writing
  • Presentations
  • Questions
  • Discussion
  • Report
  • Role Play
  • Simulations
  • Practice Exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Projects
  • Case Studies
  • Problems
  • Discussion
  • Pro/Con Grids
  • Application Exercises
  • Develop Plans
  • Problem Exercises
  • Critiques

Type of Activity:  Below, please circle the description that most accurately describes your course.

Knowledge Based Course: This course is designed primarily for participants to acquire factual knowledge.

Application Based Course: This course is designed primarily for participants to apply the information learned.

Materials: Please provide complete list of materials required to teach the course. This will probably include, but is not limited to:

  • Room Visuals (Flip Chart or White Board w/Markers, etc.)
  • Overheads and Projector
  • Internet Access requirements
  • Consumable Supplies (markers, envelopes, lab supplies, etc.)

Instructor(s): Please provide name, title/position, company and a short bio for use on the course web page and in promotional material.

 Download the Course Proposal Form