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Testimonials for the 2013 Aseptic Processing Training Program:

"Very practical, straight to the point course, directly applicable in aseptic processing environment,great experience." Bart Lievens, GSK Biologicals
"The practical experience was excellent…The pattern of airflow to a cleanroom gives us a new vision for aseptic operations" Carlos Rinaldi, Gerente de Inyectables
"I found the PDA's Aseptic Processing Training Program right on target - the right mix of traditional aseptic skills blended with direct hands-on experience to drive expertise, awareness, and innovation in our own processes, training requirements, environmental programs. It is something you can apply immediately for results." Andrew Talmadge, MSE, Merck
"This gives us an asset to bring all of the parties together who are involved in modern pharmaceutical production – regulators, academics, industry professionals – and allow them to learn from one another, and also learn in an environment where you can make mistakes and there aren't huge cost consequences to do that, nor inspectional liability." Vince Anicetti, Genentech