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About the New England Student Chapter

The NEPDA Student Chapter share PDA’s mission, “to provide a local forum for discussion, meetings and information exchange The NE PDA Student Chapter helps members to get involved with the most updated topics in the Biotech/Pharmaceutical Industry, promotes science discussions, and builds relationships between PDA professionals and students.

The New England PDA Student Chapter was founded in 2008 at the Middlesex Community College (MCC) under the direction of the then PDA President-Elect Jerry Boudreault. The first student officers were Matt Piasecki (President), Maurice Perez (President -elect), Wayne Landis (Secretary) and Lackhena Pak (Treasurer). The initial facultative sponsors were JesseKlein and Paul Patev. Paul Patev continues as the main facultative sponsor.

Who can participate?

  • Students from the Middlesex Community College (MCC) with a PDA membership can participate in the NEPDA Student Chapter.
  • Also MCC graduates who have matriculated to a four year institution.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Student Chapter? Students with a PDA membership can:

  • Attend PDA Dinner Meetings
  • Compete in Poster contests
  • Join a Mentoring Program
  • Apply to the Second Year Scholarships for the MCC and Transfer Scholarship to a four year college.
  • Learn to network and meet other professionals in the field.
  • Observe behavior in a professional environment.

How our meetings are organized?

  • We meet at Middlesex Community College. Meetings are held on the first or second Friday of each month during the academic year, from September to May. During our meetings we may have guest speakers, journal discussions and/or organize tours to some biotech/pharmaceutical companies.

New England Student Chapter