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Previous Volunteer Spotlights

  • Valerie Mulholland

    Valerie Mulholland

    Managing Director, GMP Services Ltd.
    Member since
    Featured Volunteer, March
  • Alan Kelly

    Alan Kelly

    Project Engineer - MSAT, Sanofi Waterford
    Member since
    Featured Volunteer, February
  • Caitriona Murphy

    Caitriona Murphy

    Consultant Qualified Person - Biotech Operations, Eli Lilly, Kinsale Co. Cork
    Member since
    Featured Volunteer, April
  • Declan Kelly

    Declan Kelly

    Vice President of Quality, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Dublin
    Member since 1990
    Featured Volunteer, May
  • Anne Greene

    Anne Greene

    Professor, Technological University (TU) Dublin
    Member since
    Featured Volunteer, June
  • Deirdre Tobin

    Deirdre Tobin

    Associate Director of QA - Site QRM Lead, MSD Brinny
    Member since 2017
    Featured Volunteer, July
  • Shane Costigan

    Shane Costigan

    Product and Logistics Manager, Reagent Genie
    Member since 2018
    Featured Volunteer, September
  • Jonny Parsons

    Jonny Parsons

    Senior Engineer, Amgen
    Member since 2019
    Featured Volunteer, January
  • Shada Warreth

    Shada Warreth

    Senior Bioprocessing Trainer & Training Coordinator, NIBRT
    Member since 2017
    Featured Volunteer, February