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Parenteral Drug Association Connecting People, Science and Regulation ®

Chapter Vice President

Co Founder
Jean-Luc Clavelin
Eli Lilly & Co. France

Chapter Treasurer

Co Founder
Jean-Louis Saubion, PhD

Chapter Secretary

Thierry Ziegler

Member At Large

Jean Pascal Zambaux
Disposable Lab 

Member At Large

Pierre Combroux

Member At Large

Luc Pisarik

Co Founders & Alumni

Christian Renaux, Baxter Healthcare, Former Secretary and Co Founder
Sorin Haias, Lives International, Former At-Large and Co Founder
Maija Hietava-Lorenzi, Maijatek, Former At-Large and Co Founder
Philippe Gomez, Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Former Vice President and Co Founder
Jean-Luc Clavelin, Former Treasurer and Co Founder
Jean-Louis Saubion, Former President and Vice President, Co Founder