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PDA Bylaws Update

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PDA's Bylaws were last updated in 1994. Since that time, much has changed, not only in our industry but also in the way business is conducted.

In general, the PDA Bylaws Committee has drafted a revised version of the Bylaws to:

Simplify the existing Bylaws through clarification and removal of unnecessary language.
Allow for more efficient governance and decision making while maintaining checks and balances.
Match current Board of Directors practice.
Remove redundancies, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, unnecessary sections, unnecessary language, unnecessary rules and inconsistencies in legal requirements.

Committee Members

  • Hal Baseman, Chair (Immediate Past Chair, PDA)
  • Richard Johnson (President & CEO, PDA)
  • Deborah Autor (Current Board Member, PDA)
  • Russell Madsen (Past Staff Member, PDA)
  • Nikki Mehringer (Past Chair of the Board, PDA)
  • Georg Roessling (SVP, General Manager, PDA Europe)
  • Steven Schaefer (Legal Counsel)


Enactment of the proposed changes will be a multi-phase process that includes opportunities for members to become educated on the proposed changes.



April 3 – Proposed changes announced at 2017 PDA Annual Meeting

Education Period

April - June – Period during which members can submit questions and comments.


Voting Period

May 1 – June 30

Vote Now

Announcement of Results

July 10


Committee Members Explain Proposed Bylaws Changes

Changes to the Existing Bylaws

Significant changes to the Bylaws include the following:

Addition of Appointed Director(s)

This change is to enable adding to the BoD persons from underserved areas of PDA.

Board of Directors Nominating Process

This change is to avoid confusion and minimize burden and unnecessary conflict.


These changes are to enable the BoD to accommodate the need for the BoD to address issues quickly and for “emergency” actions and to modernize the Bylaws to match current BoD practice.
Current PDA Bylaws
PDA Bylaws Proposed Revision