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PDA offers a broad range of conferences and workshops on trending topics and hands-on training courses that provide practical information and implementable solutions. Find out about all of PDA’s upcoming events in the U.S., Europe, and Asia!

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Cell Viability After Cryopreservation

Spotlight on a Poster Presentation

In this one-on-one interview, Brian J. Hawkins, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Pluristyx, Inc. discusses his poster on assessing cell viability after cryopreservation.


Environmental Monitoring and Contamination Control

Freshen up on your EM skills!

Establishing a comprehensive microbial control strategy for your company is a key component of contamination control and an expectation of regulatory agencies as highlighted in the revised version of Annex 1. This two-day training course will be a complete review of all aspects of a contamination control program.


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