About PDA

About PDA

The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) is the leading global provider of science, technology and regulatory information and education for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical community. Founded in 1946 as a nonprofit organization, PDA is committed to developing scientifically sound, practical technical information and resources to advance science and regulation through the expertise of its nearly 10,000 members worldwide.

PDA Vision

To be the foremost global provider of science, technology and regulatory information and education for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

PDA Mission

To develop scientifically sound, practical technical information and resources to advance science and regulation for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry through the expertise of our global membership.

PDA Mission Elements

  • Promote advances in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical science
  • Provide global forums for the scientific community, regulators and industry professionals
  • Facilitate development, testing and qualification of new technologies
  • Facilitate training and education on global level
  • Deliver unique hands-on training through PDA 's Training and Research Institute
  • Foster Career-long Learning and professional development
  • Enable scientific information sharing with industry peers
  • Continue to be a leading and influential contributor of information for the global regulatory and harmonization processes.

In addition to sponsoring educational conferences and training courses, PDA publishes the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology and the PDA Letter, which focus on current industry and regulatory news. In keeping with its 60-year history of promoting the growth of pharmaceutical science and technology, PDA introduced the PDA Training and Research Institute (PDA TRI) in May 1997.

PDA 2015 Strategic Plan

The PDA Strategic Plan covers the direction PDA has decided to take during the next 4 years until 2015. The plan covers the areas PEOPLESCIENCEREGULATION and BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. For each of these areas the Strategic Planning Committee and the Board of Directors have defined a clear focus on how PDA can best service its membership over the next few years.

We invite you to read the entire Strategic Plan and contact us if you have any questions.

PDA Strategic Plan


PDA was founded in 1946 as the Parenteral Drug Association by a small group of pharmaceutical manufacturers who recognized the need for an organization to disseminate technical information within the industry. Today, coordinated through its headquarters and its Training & Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, PDA volunteers worldwide carry out its mission of promoting the exchange of rapidly evolving information on the latest technology and regulations concerning high-quality pharmaceutical production.

PDA is the recognized authoritative voice and leading technical organization in the field of parenteral science and technology. Through the development of Technical Reports and responses to regulatory initiatives, PDA and its members influence the future course of pharmaceutical products technology.

With more than 9,500 individual members worldwide, PDA draws its strength from the technical expertise of its membership. Conferences, meetings and courses bring together pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, users, academics and regulatory officials to discuss issues of mutual interest. These exchanges of technical knowledge and expertise assist the advancement of pharmaceutical science and technology in the interest of public health.


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