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PDA West Coast Chapter

Stephanie Lee

President: Stephanie Lee



PDA West Coast Chapter Mission

The PDA West Coast Chapter (PDA WCC) plays a vital role as the premier organization for the San Francisco Bay Area's biopharma industry professionals. The PDA WCC was founded 30 years ago with its mission of connecting people, science, and regulation. We strive to promote and enhance knowledge within the sciences and technologies, develop programs and other activities designed to meet local and/or global needs consistent with PDA's mission and objectives.

Please welcome the following new and returning officers:

President: Stephanie Lee
President-Elect: Yashu Sarna
Secretary: Kate Nelson
Treasurer: Sumin Dong

Members-at-Large: Autumn Lee, Fabio De Martino, Caitlin Quigly, Nikoo Arasteh, Ming Lei, Nick Kapp, Liraz Oechsli, and Vamshi Gangupomu.

This active group of volunteers will:

  • Produce engaging chapter activities and networking events for you
  • Promote the development of our members
  • Present opportunities to share technical resources
  • and generate opportunities to collaborate with regulatory agencies

WCC PDA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization run by volunteers, and without sponsorship, we would not be able to provide valuable educational and social networking events to our membership. As PDA members, you can connect the chapter with companies that would like to become WCC PDA Sponsors, a unique opportunity for vendor/service companies to strengthen their brand image, increase their visibility, and gain access to leaders of the San Francisco Bay Life-Science Community.

Our 2023 Event Calendar

WCC PDA Statement On Inclusions And Diversity


Thank You to Our 2023 Sponsors

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The PDA West Coast Chapter has been in existence for over 30 years! During this time we have seen our Chapter grow in membership and participation.

Without our volunteers, members and sponsors, we would not be able to provide valuable educational and social networking events to our membership.

Consider participating in our Sponsorship Program, Annual or Single event packages, a unique opportunity to strengthen your brand image, increase your visibility, and gain.

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Upcoming Chapter Events


PDA Signature Events




Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee


Yashu Sarna

Yashu Sarna
FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific


Kate Nelson

Kate Nelson
Sumitomo Pharma America


Sumin Dong

Sumin Dong


Autumn Lee, Critical Mass Consulting
Fabio De Martino, Kite Pharma
Liraz Oechsli, Microrite
Nick Kapp, Skyline College
Caitlin Quigley, Quigley Compliance Associates
Nikoo Arasteh, Napo Pharmaceuticals  
Ming Lei, Gilead
Vamshi Gangupomu, Bristol Myer Squibb

Pending Nomination, Parenteral Drug Association SFPDASC, President

Industry Advisors

Valerie Brown, Gilead Sciences
Ashley Hesslein, Bayer, AG 
Diane Hagerty, Allogene Therapeutics
Daniel Kelati, Genentech, Inc.
Andrea Leiss Karlsson, Boehringer Ingelheim  

Get Involved

We have an active group of volunteers that make great chapter activities happen. We encourage you to become involved in our chapter by attending Chapter Board / Planning Committee meetings that occur before each dinner meeting.

At these meetings we determine our meeting themes, approve speakers, arrange resources and guide the organization to meet member and sponsor needs. These meetings are generally held from 5 to 6 p.m. at Dominic's in South San Francisco. The schedule is listed under our events calendar.

Please contact Stephanie Lee (Chapter President) or any of the board members for more information about Chapter Board / Planning Meetings, and volunteer opportunities.





More information coming soon.


Student Chapter

San Francisco Bay Area

What's in your future? Maybe you've already mapped out your career in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry, or maybe you are just getting started. Either way, joining a professional Society like PDA is a great way to help you realize your career goals.

When it comes to landing a job, it's often about "who you know". Your PDA Student Membership will give you the leading edge in a competitive market by allowing you access to an extensive network of potential employers.

Each PDA Student Chapter is sponsored by the local PDA Chapter, which provides valuable support in the form of Industry and Faculty Advisors to mentor students.

If you are thinking about becoming a PDA Student Member, your local PDA Chapter is a great place to start. Local PDA Chapter members can answer your questions about PDA membership and give you first-hand information about the benefits. Contact today your local PDA Chapter at [email protected].

Stay tuned to upcoming events by joining our Bay Area PDA Student Facebook group.